Stella Donnelly: 4 Essential Songs You Need To Hear Before She Comes To Canberra


Fresh from the stage at Glastonbury (aka the most prestigious music festival on the planet) Stella Donnelly is taking her debut album Beware of the Dogs around the country this Spring.

To get prepped, we want to introduce you to 4 songs from accross Stella’s catalogue that are essential listening before she drops by in October.

1.     Tricks

Stella’s trademark mix of wit and stark truth is no more evident than on her latest single ‘Tricks’. Namedropping Kyle and Jackie-O and rhyming “muck” with… “laid”, it’s all boppy guitars and bubbly melodies on the surface, with dark, scathing storytelling underneath.

2.     Die

The production on Beware of the Dogs is full of imagination and marks a deliberate step away from the stripped back arrangements on the Mechanical Bull EP that came before it. ‘Die’ takes it to another level again, with hammond organ drum machine sounds layered with synthesisers and backing vocals to create a lush yet restrained atmosphere and a meditation on the lyric: “I don’t wanna die”.

3.     Mosquito

“I wanna bring you cake back home from work but you’re allergic,” sings Stella on ‘Mosquito’. She’s become adept at using mundane social settings to communicate complex ideas about identity, relationships and the way we interact with each other as humans. Here, gluten intolerance and disease-carrying mozzies stand in for the more unapproachable barriers of longing, confusion and regret.

4.     Boys Will Be Boys

The song that started it all - the song that introduced the world to one of it’s finest new singer-songwriters. ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ starts like a lullaby, one that tells the story of a friend who suffered victim blaming from the people she trust most. Stella masterfully charts emotional highs and empty lows throughout, conveying anger, restraint, resolve and resistance all in one.

LIsten to Stella Donnelly on Spotify.

Catch her at UC Hub on THU 17 October w/ Jade Imagine. Tickets on sale FRI 12 July via Moshtix.