10 Reasons why you don’t wanna miss mallrat

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10 Reasons Why You Don’t Wanna Miss


The queen of indie pop and baggy tees is gracing us with her presence this April. Here’s 10 reasons why you can’t miss this gig.


1.     10 shows on the Nobody’s Home Tour have already sold out

This is Mallrat’s biggest tour to date and tickets are flying out the door all over the country. A huge 10 shows have already sold out!

So what are you waiting for? Join the rush and grab your tix before its too late.


2.     Be some of the first people to hear her killer new single ‘Nobody’s Home’ live

With the same name of Mallrat’s homecoming tour, ‘Nobody’s Home’ explores the oh-so relatable feeling of being in denial about a huge crush. The glistening beat is a product of the dream team collab of Mallrat and her producer, which brings us onto reason 3,


3.     Basenji

Australian electronic musician and DJ, known for his pop-orientated tracks is set to hit the stage with Mallrat this April. Sharing a love for a music and even a similar taste in fashion, the pair create the ultimate duo both live and in the studio.


4.     Her fashion

From oversized glittery sunnies to vintage baggy t shirts, Mallrat’s fashion is the perfect festival inspo.


5.     A chance to buy her merch

Once you’ve got your fashion inspo from her on stage outfits, steal her look and get your hands on some of her super cute, unisex merch.


6.     Groceries hit #7 in the Hottest 100

All about love, and grocery stores, the dreamy pop song killed it in the annual countdown this year, beating out the likes of Bilie Eilish and Ruby Fields to come in at number 7.


7.      Plus UFO {Ft. Allday} at number #70

Mallrat’s collab with cool Aussie rapper Allday also made it into the countdown, coming in at number 70.


8.     Her stage presence

She sings, she dances, she raps. Mallrat is the ultimate performer, creating a fun-loving, glittery vibe among the crowd.


9.     Its all ages

This is a gig that our younger audience simply cannot miss! Enjoy a sneak preview into the cool vibes of the Canberra music industry, a chance that younger people often miss out on due to so many events being 18+.


10.  We’ve only got a handful of tix left!   

Just like all her other shows, tix for this gig are selling fast. Grab yours here now before its too late!