SAFIA’s sophomore album ‘Story’s Start Or End’ is out this Friday and we want to hook you up with an epic album and merch prize pack.

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    All you’ve got to do to be in the running to win is make sure you get your ticket to their Canberra show before midnight on Friday 9 August.

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O-Week? More Like Oh!-Week


Can’t stomach the thought of you missing out on a single gig? We can’t either. That’s why we’re hooking you up with the chance to score an Oh!-Week pass to see Kira Puru, KIAN, Slowly Slowly, Odette and Basenji.

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Stella Donnelly: 4 Essential Songs You Need To Hear Before She Comes To Canberra


Fresh from the stage at Glastonbury (aka the most prestigious music festival on the planet) Stella Donnelly is taking her debut album Beware of the Dogs around the country this Spring.

To get prepped, we want to introduce you to 4 songs from accross Stella’s catalogue that are essential listening before she drops by in October.

1.     Tricks

Stella’s trademark mix of wit and stark truth is no more evident than on her latest single ‘Tricks’. Namedropping Kyle and Jackie-O and rhyming “muck” with… “laid”, it’s all boppy guitars and bubbly melodies on the surface, with dark, scathing storytelling underneath.

2.     Die

The production on Beware of the Dogs is full of imagination and marks a deliberate step away from the stripped back arrangements on the Mechanical Bull EP that came before it. ‘Die’ takes it to another level again, with hammond organ drum machine sounds layered with synthesisers and backing vocals to create a lush yet restrained atmosphere and a meditation on the lyric: “I don’t wanna die”.

3.     Mosquito

“I wanna bring you cake back home from work but you’re allergic,” sings Stella on ‘Mosquito’. She’s become adept at using mundane social settings to communicate complex ideas about identity, relationships and the way we interact with each other as humans. Here, gluten intolerance and disease-carrying mozzies stand in for the more unapproachable barriers of longing, confusion and regret.

4.     Boys Will Be Boys

The song that started it all - the song that introduced the world to one of it’s finest new singer-songwriters. ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ starts like a lullaby, one that tells the story of a friend who suffered victim blaming from the people she trust most. Stella masterfully charts emotional highs and empty lows throughout, conveying anger, restraint, resolve and resistance all in one.

LIsten to Stella Donnelly on Spotify.

Catch her at UC Hub on THU 17 October w/ Jade Imagine. Tickets on sale FRI 12 July via Moshtix.

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Your chance to score Stonefest tickets


Wanna catch Mallrat, Skegss, Example, British India and all their pals at Stonefest this October? You’re in luck! We’re giving away a double pass. To be in the running, fill out the form below and let us know about your favourite festival memory.

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Semester 2 2019 Internships


Ever dreamed about a career in music and events but weren’t sure how to get started? Well, quit dreaming and send us your resume - applications for our 2019 semester 2 internships are now open!

We’re bringing on a new Event Management intern:

Event Management Intern - Hiring for Sem 2 2019


-              Create and adjust event runsheets

-              Administration for concerts

-              Updating and creating worksheets and policies

-              Where available, assist at events.

-              Other admin tasks as required to assist the Live Music Manager.

-              Work effectively in a team, with a positive and diligent disposition.

Please send a cover letter and your resume to: Kelsey.Bagust@canberra.edu.au

5 Minutes with Boo Seeka


Hot on the heels of their brand new single ‘Rush’ and just in time for their headline slot at UC Hub, we sat down with Ben from electronic powerhouse Boo Seeka to talk all things touring, new music and forging a path in Australia’s music landscape. 

What are you guys up to at the moment? What does a typical day in Boo Seeka’s life consist of? 

I am actually currently in the studio working on the new Boo album, its been quite a different 6-8 months for us because we are so used to being on the road. We’ve been kinda taking a little bit of time off to look back on the last three and a half years of what has now become Boo as it all happened so quickly. Now we can focus on how to move forward and make it better.  

Yeah cos you guys toured a lot and the start didn’t you? It seemed like you were always on the road. 

Yeah, well we wrote ‘Kingdom Leader’ and put that out a week after we wrote it, then about a week after that we got asked to go on tour with Kim Churchill and suddenly we were on the road after literally a week of being together. At that point we didn’t even have songs, we had ‘Kingdom Leader’ and that was it, we were basically making stuff up on stage just to get through a 30 minute set, trying to convince people that we knew what we were doing. 

So now it’s just kinda about looking back on everything and trying to succeed on doing things a little better and just trying to not let the pressure and anxiety get to you as much as you can when you’ve kind of had a lot of things go your way for a few years. We are trying to reach that happy medium between progressively bettering ourselves as a band but not letting the pressure of always having to do better affect our artistic journey through it all.  

I have noticed a lot of artists speak out in regards to the importance of stepping back and taking a break from everything because the music industry seems extremely go go go. 

Yeah definitely, once you start you don’t really stop and when you do stop you find yourself trying to figure out how to step things up and progress forward with everything. 

Who are you guys listening to at the moment? Do you have any upcoming Aussie artists that we should be keeping an ear out for?  

There’s a few that I’m listening to at the moment, The Kid Leroi and Gensis Owsusu who’s actually on the show with us. I’m stoked to have him on board as his stuff is really good. 

Where does the inspiration for your new song ‘Rush’ come from? 

Basically a lot of what I said to you just then. I think with the first three years of the success of what was created into Boo Seeka, it seemed that every song we were putting out, people were really loving and the massive support from triple j, we kind of started putting that pressure on ourselves and suddenly it was like crap, we gotta do that again. We began to second guess everything which was starting to drive us nuts. So this song ‘Rush’ is just about accepting that life will go on regardless of how much pressure you put on yourself and just that you can wake up and make the day whatever you want it to be. 

We are loving what we have heard of your album so far, can we expect to see some unreleased sneak previews at your gig this April or are the songs still in the works?

We are definitely going to sneak in 2 or 3 more new tracks. No pun intended but the biggest rush for us is playing the songs that everyone loves and hearing the crowd sing along, so we will definitely be playing the ones that people wanna hear but we will also throw in a few new ones and see what happens. 

What does the perfect audience vibe look like to you? 

If people have had a shit week or something’s on their mind then they can come to a Boo Seeka concert and forget about all that for an hour and just smile and have a good time. We want people coming out of one of our gigs feeling cleansed and high on life. When I see people smiling and singing it reminds me why we do this, why we wake up everyday. 

This tour seems a lot more regional, than the average Sydney, Melbourne tour. I love that you guys are playing in Ulladulla! So different and cool. Although I have seen on your Insta that your going to see the other cities ‘”very soon”. What inspired you guys to announce the regional towns first? 

We will always go regional and do as many regional shows as we possibly can and its cool to see people getting why we did this. Not to put it on other bands but there’s not really many bands that put on shows for people who don’t usually get to experience gigs. There’s people out there in Ulladulla andBateau Bay who wanna go out and see gigs but can’t be bothered driving an hour and a half and paying all this money just to get to the show.

If we know that you wanna come out and hang then we will definitely come to you. 

You guys have been absolutely killing it so far! Pumping out so many tours and heaps of new music. What can we expect from Boo Seeka in 2019?  

Definitely new shows, new songs and hopefully a new Album. We just want to be able to do the best we possibly can for all the people who have been following us so far.    

 Boo Seeka hit UC Hub on FRI 5 April. Tickets on sale now via Oztix.